Instant Gratification

When you hit our targets, you'll see the paint pop off and hear that satisfying "GONGGGGG." It's an awesome way to get immediate feedback and make your shooting sessions more rewarding. Just grab a can of spray paint between rounds to keep your target looking fresh.

Video Demonstration With A CZ Pistol

Hear the Difference, See the Results

EchoGong targets are designed with circular rings that make different sounds based on where you hit them. Think of it as turning your shooting range into a symphony of success.


AR15 Demo With 24 Inch Round Target

  • 1 Of A Kind Design

    Our targets have these unique circular rings that make different sounds depending on where you hit them. It's like having a built-in coach, giving you instant feedback and making practice way more fun.

  • Made in the Midwest

    Crafted right here in the Midwest, our targets are made from top-notch 1/4" AR500 steel. They're super durable, not too heavy, and they sound amazing when you hit them.

  • Built to Last

    Our founder has been into shooting gongs for over 20 years and has perfected the design. Our 1/4" AR500 steel gongs are tough and built to last. Unlike heavier 3/8" gongs, ours are lighter, cheaper to ship, and sound way better.

  • Expert Craftsman

    Every EchoGong target is crafted with precision. We take pride in our products because we know they’re built to last.

Learn Our Story

EchoGong was born in 2023, but our story starts long before that. Our founder, a lifelong gun enthusiast, spent over two decades searching for the perfect target

Our Beginning